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Wedding Caterers in Kent

Posted by Steph on Nov 1, 2013

Your guests will remember lots of things about your big day; the wedding dress, the speeches, the entertainment; but, what really matters to most of them is the food! Food glorious food!

The catering should matter a great deal to you too as it will burn most of your budget! Finding a caterer for your wedding is just one of the (tedious and not so exiting) tasks that need to be arranged; but, it is a crucially important one. Ideally you want the best so decide beforehand what your expectations are! To help you make the right decision for you, we've come up with some top tips when choosing a caterer.

1) Negotiate on Cost – Food will be one of your biggest expenses, so make sure you start with a budget and see which caterers fit. It is possible that you can negotiate with some caterers as quotes are usually ‘cost per head’ so bare that in mind!

2) Be Fussy! – When choosing your caterer you need to know what food options they can supply. If they are a one trick pony with a blinding roast dinner; for example, you might get a great roast but it’s no good if you want Italian! A wide and varied menu is mostly preferred.

3) Outsource – Many venues provide their own catering services or are able to recommend caterers for you. Don’t feel pressured by a venue to use their ‘preferred suppliers’ as often these suppliers are put on the list not for their quality and service; but, for the commission they pay to the venue! Sourcing your own could give you better value for money.

4) Request a Sampling – VERY important! Are you going to like the food that you paid for on your special day?

5) Question the Package – Does the price cover the cost of crockery and cutlery for example. Will the caterer provide waitresses to serve you your food or will it be a ‘lay and leave’ buffet style service.

In summary, there are endless benefits to enjoy when choosing your own caterer. Here are our favorite three:

1) You are completely in control when making your food choices for your special day.

2) You have a whole world of variety out there rather than a boring set menu; so, be original!

3) Outsourcing your own caterer will nine times out of ten be cheaper and will definitely give you better value for money.

Our favourite caterers that we know, like, trust and most importantly can vouch for; can be found below:

Concerto catering:

Ruby plum catering: Hog roast featured in image above.

Connections cuisine:

Taste temptations:

Happy tasting! Let us know who you went for and how it went on the day.

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