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Mobile Bar Hire in Kent

Posted by Steph on Mar 15, 2014

So you’ve found your perfect venue but it doesn’t have a bar. Or maybe you just want another one for cocktails for example; but, where do you start? How do you know what questions to ask and what to look for in your mobile bar hire supplier? Fear not! We’ve compiled a list of things you need to know to make your decision:

  • Check the range and quality of drinks.
    Is your supplier going to rock up with Coconut Rum instead of Malibu?

  • How many bartenders will you get?
    Industry standard recommends 1 per 50 guests.

  • Will they be uniformed?
    Jeans and a t-shirt are great for a night out, but not when you’re providing a hospitality service!

  • Ask for the drinks price list.
    Your supplier might come along for free BUT will they take advantage of their monopoly on the night?

  • Is your supplier fully licensed and insured?
    Alcohol and fun mixed together can be dangerous sometimes! You need a professional, not a hobbyist.

  • Is your supplier likely to run out of drinks?
    Can they cope with high demand?

These are some key points we’ve come across that are important to our clients and we feel they should be. So who do we recommend? Us of course! If we’re not quite your cup of tea, we have a few friendly competitors that we’d be glad to recommend.

If we don’t hear from you soon, thanks for reading our blog and good luck with your event!

Mobile Bar Hire

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